Charts & Graphs

Charts & Graphs! Arts & Crafts!

Everyone likes charts and graphs. If not everyone, then at least me. Here are some of my favorites:


To defend myself against spam, I use the stock sendmail anti-relaying rules, SpamAssassin (with the Bayesian classifier, DCC checks, and Vipul's Razor enabled). The SpamAssassin checks don't reject mail, though -- they just tag it. This page shows how much mail was rejected or tagged as spam so far this week.


Here you can see which ports have been blocked most frequently at my firewall over the past 24 hours. This sometimes is an indicator of what worm or exploit is most popular right now -- it usually has the most people scanning for its port.

Web site stats

Take a look at just how few people visit this web site.


Check in on the UPS that provides battery backup power for my home systems.


See how well my team is searching for extraterrestrial life as part of the SETI@home project.

Cable modem

View graphs of the usage of my cable modem connection to the Internet.

Wireless LAN

I have a wireless network at home that doesn't get much use. These graphs will show you just how little use it gets.